Redhead Scholarship 2022 | USA Scholarships

Redhead Scholarship 2022 | USA Scholarships

Redheads are unique in their own right. This is because they are relatively rare compared to their blonde and brunette counterparts. It is estimated that they make up one to two percent of the human race. In America redheads, make up 2-6% of the populace hence the largest percentage in the world.

Experts cite that red hair develops as a result of a mutation of the gene MC1R on chromosome 16 that arose 20,000-40,000 years ago. Since the mutation is so rare only a small number of people develop red hair. It explains why they stand out in a crowd.

Reactions to redheads vary from suspicion to admiration to ridicule. In England, for example, redheads were burnt as they were presumed witches while Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, called them emotionally broken. These claims have never been substantiated.

The tide has since changed as redheads are now treated as a special type of people. According to a Clairol Color Attitude survey, redheads are more self-confident and bolder than blondes. Apart from becoming the focal point of beauty conversations, they are entitled to scholarships to help them save thousands on high school education. The text further explains about the Redhead Scholarship.

What is Redhead Scholarship?

Learning can be expensive, especially when you have to meet the cost of books, student loans, and tuition fees. The costs can significantly affect the concentration and performance of a student in the class and other academic activities, especially when it comes to the harmonization of school, work, family, and life.

Scholarships come in handy for students with financial difficulties though they vary depending on the applicant’s eligibility criteria. There are scholarships offered based on religious beliefs, while others are offered to students with interest in particular fields.

Physical traits have also been used to design scholarships for students. For example, there are scholarships for left-handed people, people with unique hair color, tall students, to mention a few. One such scholarship is the ScholarshipRed.

The scholarship is designed for redheads offering $500 to redheads every year. It’s open to seniors and high school juniors who have red hair and live the US. The scholarship can be used at an accredited two-year or four-year college.

The scholarship was officially launched in 2008. Previously, scrupulous companies publicized the presence of redhead scholarships but were only set up to lure parents into paying to find scholarships. The agencies made fraudulent guarantees that the students would receive scholarships.

In contrast, the actual ScholarshipRed organization provides real scholarships and encourages students to apply for scholarships without paying a dime. Since redheads make up a small group of students, the foundation hopes that the scholarship will nurture role models too.

Who is Eligible for ScholarshipRed?

To be eligible for the Red Head Scholarship, the student has to meet several requirements. The premise is to provide students with naturally occurring (not dyed) red hair an opportunity to earn money. As such, applicants must be redheads with a GPA of 2.5 and must reside in the United States.

They should be high school or senior students from schools within the United States. Applications should be accompanied with two pictures: one taken from their childhood and another in the present to prove that their hair is naturally occurring in its hue. They are also required to present an updated and official high school transcript. The applicants are allowed to use a photocopy of their transcript, so they don’t have to go through the school’s Guidance Counselor. It should be updated showing the name of the high school they wish to attend.

Both male and female students are eligible for application as long as their submissions demonstrate that they need financial support. Applicants also need to present a creative piece that show’s what it means to be a redhead.

It can be an academic essay, a drawing, or a video to showcase their creativity. You can use a real-life experience or a funny story, as a result of being a redhead. Your creativity improves your chance of winning the scholarship.

The application guidelines should help you create a unique piece. They explain the mission of the scholarship; hence, students need to share what it means to develop a creative piece. The documents are scanned and submitted to the sponsor’s address [email protected].

The subject of the heading is the applicant’s first name, last name, and the year of application. For example, if your name is Louis Alexander, the subject should read Louis Alexander 2020 Application.

Be sure to include all the required information or you will be disqualified.

The applications are vetted, and later a committee from the ScholarshipRed announces the winner of the financial reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Scholarships for Redheads Exist?

Yes. There are scholarships for junior students and high school seniors who have natural red hair. The scholarship awards $500 every year and is open to students residing in the USA with a high school GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Only accredited 2-year and 4- year colleges are eligible.

Is the Scholarship Awarded to High School Students Only?

ScholarshipRed is awarded to junior and high school students only. College, graduate, and continuing education students are not eligible. However, the founders plan to diversify the program to include all such students.

Apart from promoting education, the goal of the organization is to help beautify college campuses with red hairs by providing redheaded scholarship.

Are International Students Eligible to Apply?

Redhead scholarships are available to US residents living in the country. International students looking for scholarships should check the Fully-funded scholarship 2020/2021.

When is the deadline for Redhead Scholarship 2022?

The application deadline for redhead scholarships is on the 4th of April every year.

Are Strawberry Blondes Eligible for the Scholarship?

Yes, they are eligible for the scholarship. Red hair varies in hues from bright copper or deep burgundy, or auburn to red-orange or burnt orange to strawberry blonde.

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