My Hair Care Routine!|Yoga Girl|Rachel Brathen


Let's talk HAIR!! In this episode I share my hair care routine and how I take care of my hair to get to to grow really long (hint: it's not a complicated answer!). I walk you through my weekly routine and share tips, tricks and natural products I love.

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This vlog features Rachel Brathen, Dennis Schonveld, and their baby girl Lea Luna.
Filmed and edited by Najib Gomez



  1. You’re so right! I’ve found that my hair has been so much longer and healthier since I stopped fucking with it and fighting it. Heat + chemicals are your hair’s worst enemies.

  2. You brush your hair in the exact same way as anyone with a long hair brushes it. I have no idea why you think people need instructions in how you brush your hair. But then again i have no idea why you would film yourself washing hair, something everyone does anyway. In general you seem to care way too much about trivial things and talk endlessly about them.

  3. Sorry to disappoint you – the shampoo and conditioner you use for example contains Polyquaternium. This is even worse than silicones for the environment.
    And the Carol's daughter stuff may contain more natural ingredients – but it's just as "toxic" than aaaall the other hair stuff. It contains silicones, microplastic, ect. ect. ect.

    So in the end this products are just as everything else you can get at the supermarket. They just claim to be better for the environment and your health. If this is an important topic to you, you should look at the ingredient list and not what the bottle sais in the front.

  4. How have I been following you for years and just now realizing you have a dread?! I have one in the exact same spot!! I get so much shit for it but i LOVE it. We also have almost the exact same moon tattoo….lol.
    Love you soul sister

  5. Been following you for some time now and you have inspired me immensely. Your book is incredible and Lunis always brightens my day. I hope to travel to Island Yoga some day and take a yoga class or two!

  6. How do your hair styling products change when you're doing a photoshoot or something like that? Are you okay using the products and heat styling tools that the hairstylist on set provides or do you request to leave your hair natural?


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