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[Case wise mother] How to talk with a teenager about school?

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I love to track in literature and in psychological practice plots that are related to certain aspects of communication between parents and children. And also, to highlight both successful and disastrous situations, to observe the psychological portraits of the main characters, how they use certain pedagogical techniques and what they lead to. )))

And just recently, I came across this real story about a teenage wise mother, taken from the newspaper My Family.

I know that our site is read not only by parents with preschool children. Many of them have older children and often face difficulties in communicating with them effectively and trustfully. Since adolescence in psychology is one of the most difficult crises and to go through it smoothly, while maintaining mutual understanding with your son or daughter without pressure, to help them find their integrity and the meaning of life is the ultimate pilotage of parental skill.

Therefore, it will be useful to almost all parents. And now the story itself)))

He graduated from my son of 9 classes, went to college – to the one where he wanted, for an independently chosen specialty, I passed the exams without help. I went to classes proud, my nose bullying my younger friends. And I relaxed, hoping that now he will definitely learn.
And in vain! In January, work practice began.

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I ask my son:
Are you walking
I walk.
And I have doubts. Firstly, he doesn’t say anything, although he has to – after all, a change of environment, new impressions. Secondly, it leaves early in the morning, comes late, and does not ask for lunch money, do they feed them at the expense of the enterprise? In our capitalist time! Unlikely. When doubts took shape, I called the class teacher three times at various times – “The subscriber is not available.” Okay, wait. Should all ever clear up.

And for sure. After 2 weeks the classroom calls itself. It turns out that she had broken her leg before the New Year, lost her phone in the hospital, and the parents of her students were left without information. The conscious minority of children honestly went to practice, and the majority (including my son), rejoicing in unexpected freedom, skipped. The cry was given:
Parents, take action! Make sure the turnout!

Easy to say – “take action.” If the father were alive, there would be a belt in his hand, and turnout would be guaranteed. What should I do? The “child” is taller than me on the head, more than three times stronger, the option “take the hand and bring” will not work. Notation remains. Well, we will read.

I caught him saying:
Sonny! The class teacher called, you missed the practice.
And and?
No, I say this: and?
Mom, do you remember who I study for?
On auto mechanic.
First of all! And practice locksmith! She gave me a fig, I’m not a locksmith studying!
Well, you’re a smart guy, as I can see. What do you think an auto mechanic does?
Mom, this is the boss over the locksmiths, I will give out instructions.
That’s it! First distribute, then check the execution. And how will you check if the work is well done or anyhow, if you don’t belmes yourself?
Mom, I have no time, my friends are waiting for me.
Gathered and left. No, well, you look at him! Not the one attacked. I have to read the notation, and I will read it. It is only necessary to choose the right time to escape could not.
Two weeks have passed. One night they went to bed. I hear, sonny behind the screen, tossing and turning, rustling. Tak-s, I think it’s time!
Son, are you sleeping?
And I can not sleep. Do you want me to tell you a story from my life?
Come on.
Long ago, when I was young and beautiful, I had a friend, a diver. Divers, after all, do not work only in the sea – everywhere where the depth and structures are at some depth. Well, in our Irtysh there are bridge piers, moorings, pipelines. Divers check them and, if necessary, repair.
So, my friend with a partner comes to work somehow, the boss gives them a task and leaves for the planning meeting.

Returns – they lie on the beach, sunbathe.
Why are you lying, I gave you the job?
We have done.
When did you do? I gave the assignment fifteen minutes ago!
Made. You see, the costumes are wet.
Yes, when did you have time?
Well, you do not believe – check.
And check it out!
Check, here’s a suit.

He put his daddy, put on a suit, they fastened a helmet to him, – you know, metal one, with portholes on the sides and in front? Here you go. They attached air balloons and attached a cable to their belts to pull them out if they got lost. The water is muddy, you know, a billion Chinese are pissing into our Irtysh while it reaches us. Here you go. He entered the river, and the current was strong, sank to the waist, and knocked him down. The helmet is heavy to the bottom, the suit, filled with air, has surfaced, only the butt is visible – the man is floundering, he cannot stand up on his feet. The divers looked at the clock: three minutes have passed, will we extend it? No, early, let him continue to check.

Five minutes later, they pulled out the helmet, unscrewed it, and his face was red, swollen, covered in tears and spittle. I got out of the suit and went, I even forgot my daddy.
Attention! – I say to my son. – Question: why was he turned upside down?
Well … the current is strong, you say it yourself.
So other divers do not turn over. Think.
Is silent. I suggest:
He forgot to wear something. What?
I give up, says son.
Yes shoes are the same! Heavy diving boots that balance the weight of the helmet. Why did you forget?
I do not know.
After all, he worked as a boss. So, I graduated from the institute, defended my diploma. I passed all the exams, at least for C grade, otherwise I wouldn’t have given a diploma, that is, theoretically I was well-versed.
The son is silent, he thinks. I continue:
But practice, for sure, skipped!
What, Mom, then? If he ever went down with the instructor under water, the suit was completely put on – I would never forget about the shoes. Exactly, I missed!
Mama! Sleep, come on!
It’s too late to mumble something: the notation is read, listened carefully and, as it turned out, later learned.
The following year, the son brought a big fat five from the practice and solemnly presented it to me. I asked:
What did you get the “five” for, and you also circled?
And I killed the “Zilok”, which stood under the fence for a long time, assembled, started and let the chief ride on it.
Cool in college you are taught. Well done!
And she thought to herself: me too.

Antonova A.

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