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[GIFT!] Ready-made lesson plan with a baby 1.5-3 years old

I know firsthand how much time it takes for mom to systematize her developmental activities with the baby at home.

Some are playing with the child as randomly as they can. It also happens that the child either sits with his toys, or watches cartoons for hours, or clings to his mother, while she hastily remodels all her chores.

Many suffer remorse: I do nothing for its development! …

Therefore, to help these mothers diversify the days with the baby, Oksana Ageenkova (remember the interviews with her? :)) made a great cycle of developmental activities with a crumb from 1.5 to 3 years. Most liked

And she gives it to you completely free.
 Download a detailed monthly plan right now (RAR archive)

Be sure to print this file and keep it handy. In the evening, look into it, pick up the necessary materials in advance (and they will almost always be found in any house) and proceed from the next day fully armed.

Yes, happy mood is optional! Do not forget, And creativity will start to hit the key! I guarantee the delight of the baby and his selfless love for you
 Have a good weekend!

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