DIY: Watermarble Christmas Tree Ornaments


Suzie uses her Nail Polish Watermarble Technique to create a unique Christmas Ornament in this Step by Step Tutorial.

Products used in this video:

Clear Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments – Michaels

Libbey® Glass Bubble Ball Bowl – Michaels


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  1. I love your voice as well—- soothing,soft…..Anyway, I also liked the way you reach. The fact that you didn't hide your mistakes. I don't know how other viewers feel, but that gives me the realization that everybody started somewhere, there was a begining for someone & they made mistakes too!!! Thank you so much. AngieB.

  2. Here's a tip that I learned on my own when watermarbling: When cleaning up watermarble, you don't want to swish it around because it makes future attempts even harder to do. Put your stick into the center and blow, TWIRLING the stick or tool around between your index finger and thumb. It cools the polish and gathers it around the tip of your tool. Then, you can just pull it out, and it won't have to get new water later. :3

  3. @Dearnatural62 can give you water marble tips. Learned everything I know from watching her vids! Was horrible watching this lol I was like "nooooo don't do that!" You have such a sweet personality though!

  4. A tip for watermarblers: When you want to clean up the polish that's left in your bowl, blow on the surface of the nail polish and peel it out. Swishing the polish around leaves dried polish residue that disturbs the next round of drops and slows the spreading.


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