Boyish/ Androgynous Beauty Makeup Tutorial


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The products I've used in the film are:

Bobbi Brown – Foundation Stick:
Dermologica – Clearing Mattifier:
Dior – Hydra Life Skin Tint SPF 20:

Laura Mercier – Matte Eye Colour:

Nars – Sheer Lipstick:

No7 – Lash and Brow Perfector:
Shavata – Brow Tamer:
Suqqu – Eyebrow Liquid Pen:

Ciaté – Nail Varnish – Paint Pots:

Chanel – Eyelash Curlers:
Chanel – Pinceau Eyeliner No.13 Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush :
Daniel Sandler – Blending Brush:
Giorgio Armani – Blender Brush:
Suqqu – Eyebrow Brush:
Tom Ford – Shade and Illuminate Brush:

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Handsome, boyish beauty is big for this A/W. This trend for hair and make-up fits in perfectly with the tailored jackets, pared down tuxedos and modern take on leather thats around this season. The trick to doing this successfully and ending up looking like a very pretty, chic boy lies with the key areas ….skin, brows and sculpting. Watch this video for tips on how to pull of this fun and transformative beauty trend. Think Tilda Swinton, channel your inner androgyny and man up for the coming season!

Lisa Eldridge X

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  1. Hi Lisa! I am your big fan! Love this look, it's so so timeless. Just wondering if you could give you expert touch on updating the androgynous look? I have been loving the blend of masculine and feminine energy and gender non-binary movement is on fire at the moment. So grateful for you graceful touch from the make-up side of things! Thank you a lot in advance, look forward to all your upcoming vids! Midori by the Sea x

  2. It's nine years later, there is a global pandemic, and I just got the first stye in my life. I could go "no make-up" but why should I when I can try the Lisa E. no-mascara boy beat and have fun with bronzer… I'm also going to try and look at everyone like Lisa in the "after" picture

  3. I'd love for some one to do this with makeup that doesn't total over £500. Not everyone has Mac and Armani and Tim Ford. Can we try again with affordable makeup?

  4. They can stick their new world order androgny. where their adrenochrome high doesn't shine. Why are you making yourself look like the fonz. You are a beautiful woman.

  5. consider the recent brow trend in Japan (reading Japanese fashion magazines during covocation), maybe this is a good tutorial for this. Will try it out lol

  6. Oh man my eyebrows are straighter than i ever could be – i have absolutely no arch at all. I got them from my grandpa, and I love them. I love accentuating them and contouring my jaw to make it look sharper.

  7. She naturally has a boy-ish face and I find it highly attractive! I'm bi-sexual (but leaning more lesbian) and I've always found feminine women (as well as older women) highly attractive (basically I'm a lipstick lesbian). But recently I've started exploring androgynous gay culture, especially soft boy-ish women and sleek handsome women. And I know people are gonna say "Well if you want a man than just be with a man!". But ya'll don't understand…there is just something really enticing about a woman with both feminine and masculine qualities. I can't really describe it but it really turns me on! I love feminine women but I also love androgynous women!

  8. I love this because I have a very androgynous face and I always wished I looked more feminine because of my style but now I love my bigger sharp features and I look fierce and unique

  9. It is literally impossible for me too do an androgynous look because I got a round, plump face lmfao no such thing as killer cheekbones in my world

  10. WOW, you are fantastic!!! great voice and tempo. I am male and every once and awhile add a splash of makeup for fun sake (usually a unique event) and thought to share a use of blush in a "manly" way; a strong swipe up the masseter muscle, the inside corner of the jaw to just beneath the "apple" of the cheek…try it sometime, it's rad, manly and strong. thanks for the presentation.


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