Amazon Student Scholarship program for $5,000

Amazon Student Scholarship program for $5,000

Planning to join a college in fall 2022? Looking for aid to help relieve your financial burden? Well, there’s good news; Amazon just opened up a scholarship opportunity for students intending to join a college in 2022.

Who is Eligible?

The Amazon Student Scholarship Program 2022 is open to students within the U.S who are either planning to start college or continue pursuing an undergraduate full-time course. High school seniors are encouraged to apply before entering college this year, including a junior show. The college or university where applicants will be pursuing their studies should be a not-for-profit. Courses may be of any discipline as long as they are accredited 2- year or 4- year university courses.

Furthermore, those who apply need to prove that they possess an extraordinary ability in leadership and innovative thinking. According to Ripley MacDonald (Director of student’s programs at Amazon), they will be keen on a student’s GPA, community involvement and leadership experience when selecting suitable candidates.

As part of the application process, you will be asked to write an essay that shows your understanding and appreciation of Amazon and its business. How?

The essay will require you to analyze Amazon’s business model and the benefits end users acquire from purchasing goods from them. If not well acquainted with the company, it is advisable to carry out a thorough research on its pricing policy, product range, payment methods, customer support, area coverage, distribution networks, number of customers, accelerated delivery and user reviews among other relevant data.

As there are only 50 slots up for grabs, the competition will be quite stiff hence you need to put your best foot forward by making sure your essay is attractive and unforgettable.

You are also required to be an Amazon student member to qualify for the scholarship.

The Scholarship’s Benefits

For the 50 successful undergraduate applicants, Amazon plans to rewards them with $5000 for their tuition and an extra $500 which they can use to purchase any books of their choice at Amazon. The company is currently open to applications. Once applications are reviewed and the winners are chosen, Amazon will distribute the scholarship funds in time for the fall semester 2022.


All applications need to be submitted on or before 15th December. There are two stages in the application process. The first stage will require you to submit your academic papers among other required details. The Amazon’s team will then scan all applications to ensure applicants meet set criteria on GPA, community involvement and leadership criteria. If you impress them, they will ask you to move on to the next stage which involves writing an essay. Winners shall then be notified by April 2022 and receive the scholarship funding by July 2022.

What Does Amazon Hope to Gain?

Amazon’s Scholarship program began back in 2014 and has since helped a lot of students achieve their dreams. However, the scholarship is not purely philanthropic as Amazon also stands to gain from it.

Once selected you will automatically become Amazon’s ambassador which is a good thing for the company as the brightest, most engaged and active students will be representing them.

Besides, Amazon also hopes to use the scholarship opportunity to attract more students to sign up on its Amazon student membership program. Students who join this program are usually provided with a six-month trial of using Amazon as a welcome gift. During this period, you are allowed access to numerous benefits such as a two- day free shipping on several goods, free streaming on unlimited movies and Tv Shows, access to over a million songs.

Access to the Kindle lending library, unlimited photo storage and a 20% discount on preorder and new release video games. After the period elapses, you only pay $49 per year (a 50% off deal) to access these services.


The Amazon scholarship program is a great opportunity for smart students who possess leadership skills and are analytical thinkers. It goes a long way in providing the financial cushion they need while undertaking their studies.

Do you think you meet Amazon’s requirements? Then why not go ahead and apply for this scholarship – you never know. The application process is easy and transparent.

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