Do you love to decorate your home? Especially when you can express your creativity and make incredible things by yourself? We also love being creative and crafty and here to share super cute décor items that you can make at home. You not only save money but also can spend time full of fun! Moreover, here are some recycling projects that will help the environment by reducing waste. Today we want to share with you epic ideas how to make a bowl from cement, polymer clay, concrete, and plastic!
Cement is a cool material for crafting and we want to start from the bowl that looks like a broken dragon ball. Also, you can use it as a candle holder to create a magic atmosphere at home! Find a balloon and start creating! Use a balloon as a mold for a bowl – cover it with wet cement. Watch our tutorial on how to make these cute bowls and candle holders. It won’t take much effort but you gonna love the result.
Polymer clay is also a great material to express your creativity and to make adorable handmade décor accessories. Check out the idea of the idea of a lovely leaf-shaped bowl for your jewelry. We used gold and silver paint to make bowls charming. Also, we share with you how to create a super easy marble bowl that could be used as a cute décor for your bathroom.
Moreover, you will find the idea of a bowl made from… rope! Don't you believe us? Try this lifehack and share the results in comments below!
How about recycling old toys that you wanted to throw away? Check out an adorable project made from old toys! This item will be a special piece in your home. Your favorite childhood toys can be turned into stunning decorations for your home. Reuse old animal figurines as a stand for a plate!
You can make an awesome and very stylish bowl using…cauliflower!

00:12 Concrete candle holder
02:30 Bowl from a rope
03:12 Reuse your old toys
04:21 Cauliflower idea
04:52 Marble bowl from polymer clay

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  1. Hey! My only job here is spotting out the mistakes in videos

    Who said breaking cement would be easy?

    Store bought clay would break very easily if you get it up, and homemade clay would not make a picture of a leaf

    Wood glue takes about exactly 2 days to dry,not 1

    PVA Glue is toxic to so I don’t really think that’s a good idea…but well job on making that

  2. hey 5 minutes craft there's this guy on YouTube named Robby and he tried all your grass and he's pretty upset I think you guys should do a video that actually has something to do with cool stuff actually

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